“Sol Perry is the most genuine guy and the most capable, knowledgeable personal trainer that I know.407143_344946322187617_1093961663_n

Not only does he truly walk the walk -having turned his own life around by 180°- but he also honestly cares for each and every one of his charges.

That is unique in today’s world of hustle and bustle, scam and spam.

I’m not usually to fond of personal trainers as a whole, but Sol and I have so much in common that I consider him my little brother….though we have no blood relation.

He’s the first guy and the only guy I’d recommend every time, without hesitation.”

-Mark Kislich, Olympic Performance Coach


Travis before & afterFirst off let me say I have learned both Music and Fitness from Sõl. Now, I am in the best shape of my life at a ripped and muscular 9%bf and a touring professional musician.

Two years ago I set out to get in the best shape of my life, all because of my great friend Sõl Perry. I began to notice all the success of his hard work and needless to say – inspiration hit harder than ever! 

Sõl taught me a great foundation at the start of my musical journey that without a doubt, was integral part of me reaching my goal of playing music professionally in one of the most competitive music cities in the world, Nashville!

Soaking up every inch of information I could obtain from him, I reached my goal of putting on 30lbs of lean muscle. Without his passion for paying it forward to others, I would of been stuck in the same routine of never gaining results and following bogus advice.

Another thing I love about Sõl’s methods, is that he encouraged me to continually learn. He taught me to not only take his word but find my own understanding to strengthen my mind. That process becomes much easier when you have a guy that has been in the trenches like he has to help guide you through a life style change.

I’m forever grateful to call Sõl not just a friend, but also an older brother to look up to.  He has the methods, you must simply follow them.

It takes hard work on your part, set out to be the best you! No matter what your goals are, Sõl will help you conquer them.”

-Travis Wilbourn, Professional Guitarist – Fitness Addict

 Angela 3 months- best

“My life began spiraling out of control after my second ACL reconstructive surgery back in 2005.                                                      

Time went by as my life and health dwindled further out of control.  I developed a severely under active thyroid, several goiters, and multiple nodules.  Right before my sister passed away, my dad was diagnosed with throat and lung cancer.  With the passing of my sister and the care of her three kids needing to be taken care of and the ailing health of my father, stress and pressure began to mount up.

I guess one could say I fell into a depression. I went from an extremely active, in shape individual, being a size 8 and 145 pounds to size 16 and went as far up as 190 pounds.  My doctor had been on me for years to lose weight, I was going in the wrong direction fast and even had to send me to a specialists a for my thyroid/hormones/diabetes.  The specialists diagnosed me with severe hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetic, and wanted me to be tested for cancer again.  At or around the same time my father found out that his cancer had now spread to his pancreas. 


My health was failing and so was my dad’s.  I told myself, if we both go who will the kids have?  I made my mind up I had to do something to change the direction my life was going.  I contacted Sol on Facebook and my life has been forever changed!!!!!!!!

I met with Sõl for the first time on March 10, 2013 and my life changed drastically.  He gave me an easy to follow diet (now a lifestyle not a “diet” – I love the way I eat now!)  and we scheduled my next training sessions.

Less than 3 weeks after that first meeting, I was off my diabetes and polycystic medicines.  I had never felt better in my entire life.  My body was changing. My mood and energy was great, and my mind was no longer in a cloud or felt foggy anymore.  I had been eating “clean” and exercising and my body and mind literally felt “clean and healthy.”  I didn’t even need foot surgery anymore my feet were getting drastically better. 

June 10,2013 will be exactly 3 months since I walked into my first session with Sõl and changed not only my life but my body, mind, and soul. I now have a much cleaner, energized, and healthier mind thanks to Sol and his knowledge, guidance, support, determination, and most of all his mentoring.  I can honestly say there is NO ONE  who adds up to Sol.  Having being big once himself, he is able to relate to his clients and is a huge motivational tool as well.  You see his transformation and know it is possible to transform your own life with his help and guidance along the way.

Almost three months in, I am 5 pounds away from my original weight loss goal but have now set a new goal.  My new goal is to get to that lean – fitness model type look, something I never would have dreamed would be within my reality, now seems possible!  Sol has helped me transform my body as well as my mind.  I am now pushing to be the healthiest and  best shape of my life!! I know working with Sol, I will get there, I feel amazing!!!

P.S. I also enrolled my son in music lessons with Sõl and he loves it! His passion for music matches his passion for fitness, great teacher!”

Angela Cory, Mother of Three


Myles Best 8 months front“I had always been the funny fat kid. I’m not going to say that I struggled with my weight because that would imply that I had actually tried to do something about it. Instead, I came to a point where I thought that was what I was always going to be, the fat kid.

After becoming connected to Sõl through guitar lessons (he is an incredible player and a dedicated teacher) I became a witness to a man who decided to make a change in his life and become as fit as possible. He achieved his goal and this inspired me tremendously. A thought began to form within me… “I CAN CHANGE.”

That thought grew into a refusal to accept the way I looked and felt. And so I began training with Sõl in an attempt to transform myself in body and mind.

I am proud to say that with the detailed guidance of Sõl’s program and the support of my family and friends, I have achieved what I had originally thought impossible. Confidence!

A lot of people say that they would give anything to have the body of their dreams. I say that all you have to do is apply yourself to Sõl’s methods, listen to him, keep a positive attitude and hire Sõl. 

I have never encountered someone who takes such an interest in my development. He has “been there – done that” and knows what its like to be uncomfortable in your skin. Cannot express how much better I feel inside and out!

Make the change because, believe me, there is nothing better than seeing a reflection of yourself and thinking… “Damn I look good!”

Thank you Sõl, for everything.”

-Myles McClure, Musician – Reformed fat kid turned healthy, happy, and confident 

 Jean Before and After

“Before joining Sõl Perry Music & Fitness, I was a 65 years old, slightly overweight woman, my joints, mobility and flexibility were awful, I was in constant pain.  When I bent down, I couldn’t get up without the use of a chair or countertop to pull myself back up.  I had shoulder problems that greatly limited my movement in some instances.

 Thus far, I have lost over 20lbs (in the right places) 27 inches of fat, and more importantly, I FEEL BETTER. My flexibility and mobility have improved drastically.  I no longer need that chair or countertop to get myself back up, and my shoulder is feeling better everyday.

I have hired other trainers before with bad experiences and worse results. Sõl’s methods are very unique, he did not simple try to beat me up, he worked on my mobility, balance, strength, targeting the areas that needed improvement and I feel so much better on a daily basis I cannot describe the difference.

This program is for anybody, young or old, in shape or out-of-shape.  All it takes is a little motivation, the right mindset, and the right teacher who understands your needs and will work with you to reach your goals, as Sol Perry has done for me and many others.  I would especially like elderly people to know that if you get with the program you too can have success like me, IF you have the RIGHT personal trainer.  This is not a do nothing program; it does require work and dedication…

Totally worth it!

Thank you Sõl Perry “

-Jean Hargrave (66 never felt so good)



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