Excuses or results, your choice.

That was me on the left just over 3 years ago or so after I had already lost 30lbs… still had almost no neck.

Seems like a dream. I feel so much better now and my attitude, perspective and mood are off the charts compared to what they were.

Real change can happen in your life. YOU are in control of your habits and thoughts.

It all started as a vision in my mind. I was gonna be in amazing shape and there was nothing that was gonna stop me. On the wrong side of 30, time was not really on my side and I had no idea where to start or what to eat.

 Common excuses:

1. I don’t have time to cook.

If you have time to watch T.V. or be on Facebook you have time to cook.

2. I don’t have time to work out everyday.

You don’t have to work out everyday at first, start at once a week and build from there – jogging is not the best way to lose fat.  If you are very obese, start by walking and transition into resistance training ASAP.

3. I don’t like water or vegetables.

Well, you did not like cokes or beer first time you tried them, but you kept drinking them till you liked them. You can control what you like to a point but you will not like every healthy food under the sun. Try new things 3 times, each time preparing them a different way with different seasonings.

4. I don’t know what to eat.

This is a good one and a REAL one. There is so much B.S. out there about what is healthy for you, no wonder we are the fattest nation in the world here in the U.S.

I am in finishing up my diet book. The Sõl Food Diet. My goal is to help 100,000 people lose 1,000,000lbs of fat before I leave this rock. I know first hand how challenging it can be, unlike some naturally skinny fitness professionals I have lost a 100lbs myself… Will keep you posted and let you know when it is on Amazon for sale.

Bonus tip: You are generally the sum of the six people you hang around the most. You will pick up their habits, attitudes and level of success. You only get one shot at this thing called life.


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Once I was fat: Part two

This is a follow-up to my 3 part series about my fat loss transformation.

So, it was not just the playing out, parting too much that woke me up.
What really made me rethink my place in this crazy world was something much darker and sinister.

One word.


My mom got lung Cancer. I am very close with my mother. She had me when she was just 14 years old. We kinda grew up together you might say. She is the most sweet, beautiful creature under the stars to me and without her and my grandmother growing up, I would have been an entirely different man. They showed me compassion, love… so many things when all everyone else was showing me was violence and betrayal. Difficult to put into words our bond. Suffice to say, I was devastated.

I never understood what people meant by “nervous breakdown” but I think I came really close to losing my mind for a while there. On top of that, my only brother is severely disabled, has been since birth and has always been a huge part of my life and always will be.

All these things came together (and a few others that are beyond the scope of this blog) to wake me up. To make me realize how I was throwing away my gift of a potentially healthy human body and mind.

I starting learning all I could about nutrition, fitness, athletics, naturopathy, nutraceuticals… many things. I was determined to help my mother and brother as much as I could and get my self into world-class shape, inside and out.

I read stacks of books over the next years, totally changed the way I view health and the world. Read for 12 hours a day at times. Once you really begin to get a handle on how the mass market food industry works it can make your stomach turn.

I quickly realized that so many of the commonly held beliefs about what is healthy are total nonsense. We are the most obese nation the world has ever seen and the sickest! We have the most vast resources of health care and spend the most on health care in the world. Everywhere you look there are hospitals, cancer clinics… All the while being the richest nation on the planet.

It made no sense.

There are many tales to tell that I experienced in my Journey. I kept detailed log books the whole time, tracked my progress to the fraction of an inch. Tried every diet I could get my hands on. One thing I tell you I learned…

Question everything.

Along the way I made friends with many people in the fitness and nutrition industry, some of them at the highest level. Some of whom had figured out some of the same things I had. It’s almost like its set up to keep you fat and from reaching your goals!

I will tell you of one person in particular I met along the way, someone I have come to call my brother. A kindred spirit for sure and a helluva a guy. He was once fat too! Has a passion for animals and music like myself and got in the highest level of shape and conditioning. On yes, and he happens to be an Olympic Coach…

To be continued in part 3.

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