Free workout: 20 rep breathing squats

Free workout of the day:

Wanna lose fat, build muscle, and work your lungs, legs, and heart like crazy?

20 rep breathing squats! 

1. Barbell on your back (start with just the bar, work up to your body weight on the bar over time)
3. Your calf’s should cover the back of your legs
4. Keep your heals on the ground and your chest up.
5. If you cannot squat all the way down, start off VERY light and do not raise the load until you can full squat (trust sol)
6. Do not be the guy in the gym that puts a bunch of weight on the bar in the SMITH MACHINE and barely squats down.
7. 3 deep belly breaths between each rep.
8. Go for one all out of set of 20 after warm up.
9. You should be out of breath for minutes and sweating. If not, the load is too light, add weight!

Be sure to put this FIRST in your workout, pairs good with chins or pull-ups.

Don't forget to work those wheels! (legs)

Don’t forget to work those wheels! (legs)

Tempo for squats = 30×3

So, after, you could do 7 sets of 7 chin-ups on a 2140 tempo…

What the heck is TEMPO?

Its like this:

  • First number = lowering phase
  • Second number = pause (if any) at bottom
  • Third number = the raising (concentric phase)
  • Fourth number = pause at top (if any)
  • x indicates an explosive intent (the bar may move slow, but the intent is to explode out of the hole)




You notice that there is a 4 second time to raise your body on the chins/pulls.

This will mean you probably will not be able to do as many, and you will have higher lactic acid build up; great for fat loss.

You may walk funny for a few days, you’re welcome.


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