A day in the life of Sõl

Wake at 6 am with no alarm, I just wake up. Drink 2 large glasses of clean water and 10g L-glutamine mixed with 2-4oz aloe vera juice.

Put the tea kettle on and make my green tea for the day (different ones everyday) and make my coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk (1 cup for me). Get my water supplies ready for the day and drink coffee while reading emails / writing workouts for clients. After coffee, another large glass water then green teas

I train myself and clients, then post workout shake, depending on the current goals I may have for myself. Get home around 12-2pm and begin eating, always starting off with a large raw salad with a tablespoon of olive oil, walnuts, bell peppers, spinach, green onions, and salad mix. Then a mix of meats or eggs with cooked veggies, vary day to day (no starch). Always take supplements in the middle of my meals.

Music training nearly 4 hours daily, home around 7pm for a second meal of the day. Meats with cooked veggies, supplements in the middle of the meal, spend time with family (2 hours), and before bed I generally eat another meal or snack. If I am going for fat loss, I will have 10g of glutamine instead of food boosting growth hormones all night! Around 9pm I start getting sleepy, eating slows you down. I do most of my eating in the evening after my business is done for the day. Bedtime no later than 10pm.

Special notes:

Bare in mind, this is my current set up and can change greatly depending on my goals.

My current goals are as follows:

  • Be as healthy as possible
  • Be as productive as possible and maintain energy levels
  • Keep in a positive mind-set (yes, like most things, this takes work) • Maintain single digit body fat year round
  • Keep stomach as healthy as possible
  • Experiment with various maintenance diet protocols for my clients

All supplements were taken in the middle of meals. My supplements change often depending on my current status and goals. I can definitely tell a difference when I go off my schedule or miss my supplements, it’s a good idea to find a schedule that works best for you and stick to it!

Work at it, like most things, you may not get it right at first, so keep chipping away and you will! Just two years ago I was waking at 1-2 in the afternoon and staying awake all night… you can change.

You can control the following with practice over time:

  • Sleep schedule
  • Metabolism (when you are hungry, when you’re not) • Your cravings (over time with good daily habits)
  • Your mind-set (easily the most important!)

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Self-discipline is not meant to keep you tame, but to let you get the most out of life and Keep in touch with lifes purpose. You can transform your life. Not long ago I was 300lbs, sick -fat -depressed. When music touches you; when you train your body, it makes you feel like nothing else. Music and fitness moves us for a reason, its in our DNA: unleash it.