My fat loss secret!

This one will save you from wasting hours if not years of your time.

You cannot out work an improper diet! You cannot out work an improper diet!

That bears repeating.

You could work out 7 days a week for two hours at a time but if you’re putting the wrongs things in your body you will not reach your leanness goal. Nor will you be healthy. You cannot jog or run the weight off. If you jog it should be because you enjoy jogging or you are getting prepared for a certain event. Sprinting up hill would be a better option for those so inclined.

You will need to do the proper resistance training coupled with the proper nutrient timing and macro adjustments to reach your goal. Whatever you do folks, stay away from anything that is labeled “low-fat” that’s a scam. They take away the fat and slam it full of sugar. Sugar is much less expensive than the fat and a heck of a lot more addictive.

Sugar is the number one disease-causing agent in the world.

Many people are so addicted to sugar they must have it 24/7. This wrecks havoc on your hormones. Sooner or later your body will show and feel the effects of sugar addiction.

Yes, I know what its like to be addicted to sugar. Break the cycle. People ask me all the time what my “secret” is.  There is no secret, but a good place to start is NO Sugar.

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