5 simple ways to jump start your fat loss journey

Here are 5 simple ways to jump-start your fat loss journey!

I call it a journey as real change does not happen over night, it’s a process!

1: Cook your foods in Coconut Oil, it reeves up your thyroid and is an easy way to get the fat melting right off you!

2: Cut out bulk carb sweetened beverages: Soft drinks – sweet Tea – milk – fruit juice. This alone can drop 20-30lbs. Keep them out of the house. One of the few things you can control in this world is what you bring in that door. Fill your fridge and pantry with real, whole foods and keep the fructose levels low.

3: Add protein to every meal: Protein really changes how your body handles food, try adding 20-40g to every meal, depending on your lean mass and goals.

4: Eat your carbs at the end of the day, not the beginning. You are most insulin sensitive in the morning and carbs are sedating. This is one of the reasons many people are reaching for the coffee all day, they eat donuts, fruit juice, milk and Cheerios for breakfast. Can you say “insulin spike?”

5: Take a 30 minute brisk walk before breakfast! Use this as the time to clear your mind and prepare for the day. I like to use it as my “me” time or a nice time to spend talking with friends or loved ones. You might be surprised at how much better your mood is from just this one change. The better your mood is the better you will adapt and the more compliance you will have with your diet. A good mood is a force multiplier.

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