Once I was fat: Part one.

Once I was fat.

Not just a few pounds over and not a long time ago, just a few years ago as you can see from the time stamped photo.
It was not pretty nor fun. I could not tie my show laces without losing my breath and sweated constantly.

I was also in DENAIL about it. I was gigging often at the time, playing a lot of music, and no one really mentioned it until this one time…

I was performing at one of the more prestigious music halls in the mid-west, a place where it’s not a bar per-say, anyone that comes there is coming to only see you perform and they expected a good show.

I hired the security, bar, sound crew, promoted the gig, hired the other acts to perform, my family was going to be there… it was a big show for me at the time and took a lot of work.

This one guy who will remain nameless, I hired who I had not seen in a few years came up to me at the bar at sounds check. He as always been a nice guy, professional. He walks up behind me and all I hear was “Hey Sõl! MAAAAAAAAN, YOU GOT FAAAT! WHAT HAPPENED?”

Best one!

No one had ever talked to me like that, EVER. No one at that point in my whole life had ever called me fat.

It hit me like a ton of bricks! I was speechless. I said nothing and turned the other way.

To be honest about it, I was pissed. Here I hired this guy, put money in his pocket, I am all dressed up nice for the show, feeling confident, and he does that!

But you know what, to this day I am thankful for that moment and to him.

After all, he was right! I was FAT!

To be continued in part: 2

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